Handy Vacuum Cleaner Reference Design

By Renesas Electronics America 132

Handy Vacuum Cleaner Reference Design

As a part of their Quick Solutions, Renesas has created a reference design for a handy vacuum cleaner with two operating levels (high or low) for suction power. It uses a battery, meaning the device can be used without a cord. The RL78/G1F has a built-in comparator (CMP0), programmable gain amplifier (PGA), and pulse width modulation (PWM) option unit A (PWMOPA) for overcurrent detection and PWM output-force cutoff control. The motor control auxiliary timer and 4-input selectable comparator help achieve sensorless rotor position detection even when the motor is stopped or rotating at high speeds (exceeding maximum 50,000 RPM). The ISL94202 Li-Ion battery monitor IC's power management provides battery charge and discharge control, current and voltage monitoring, and battery balance control.

  • Minimum instruction execution time: can be changed from high speed (0.03125 μs at 32 MHz operation with highspeed on-chip oscillator) to ultra-low speed (30.5 μs at 32.768 kHz operation with subsystem clock)
  • General-purpose registers: (8-bit register × 8) × 4 banks
  • ROM: 64 KB/RAM: 5.5 KB/Data Flash: 4 KB
  • Selectable high-speed on-chip oscillator clock: 64 MHz, 48 MHz, 32 MHz, 24 MHz, 16 MHz, 12 MHz, 8 MHz, 6 MHz, 4 MHz, 3 MHz, 2 MHz, and 1 MHz (typ.)
  • On-chip debug function
  • On-chip selectable power-on-reset (POR) circuit
  • On-chip voltage detector (LVD)
  • On-chip watchdog timer (operable with the dedicated low-speed on-chip oscillator)
  • On-chip key interrupt function: 6 key interrupt input pins
  • On-chip clock output/buzzer output controller
  • On-chip binary-coded decimal (BCD) correction circuit
  • I/O port: 44
  • Timer
    • 16-bit timer: 9 channels
    • 12-bit interval timer: 1 channel
  • Serial interface
    • CSI: 5 channels
    • UART: 3 channels
    • Simplified I²C communication: 5 channels
    • Multi-master I²C communication: 1 channel
  • 8/10-bit resolution A/D converter: 17 channels
  • 8/10-bit resolution D/A converter: 2 channels
  • Comparator: 2 channels
  • PGA: 1 channel
  • Data transfer controller (DTC)
  • Event link controller (ELC)
  • Standby function: HALT mode or STOP mode or SNOOZE mode
  • Power supply voltage: VDD = 1.6 V to 5.5 V
  • Operating ambient temperature: -40°C to +85°C


  • Handy Vacuum Cleaner Reference Design
  • Handy Vacuum Cleaner Motor BOM
  • Handy Vacuum Cleaner Battery BOM

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