Efficient AC/DC and DC/DC Power Solutions

By Helix Semiconductors 117

Efficient AC/DC and DC/DC Power Solutions

Helix Semiconductors' power solutions are built around patented MuxCapacitor™ voltage conversion IP and patented CapIso™ transformerless isolation technology. MuxCap design topology enables highly efficient voltage conversion using Helix's power ICs for a variety of AC/DC and DC/DC applications in multiple end markets. Implemented in a leading-edge, high-voltage CMOS process, these products work in all global mains-power environments. They can support DC power environments from 12 V to 60 V and AC power environments between 85 VAC and 240 VAC (up to 400 VDC) input voltages. Helix's converter chipsets support transformer-based or enable truly transformer-less isolated and non-isolated DC/DC and AC/DC power supply solutions for multiple end applications. MuxCap enables the management of no-load conditions to meet or exceed a zero-power requirement of less than 5 mW. Proprietary Helix Semiconductors’ technology is used to effectively manage the no-load power dissipation while still maintaining the output voltage at the specified value, supporting solutions with greater than 94% average efficiency.

  • Zero power
  • Capacitive isolation (CapIso)
  • High efficiency
  • Low profile
  • Non-magnetic
  • No transformers
  • Low weight
  • Flat efficiency curve
  • High power density
  • AC/DC power adaptors
  • Chargers and modules for laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Small appliances and white goods
  • Mobile and telecom infrastructure equipment
  • Industrial controllers
  • Electric vehicles
  • Datacenters
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) peripherals
  • Wireless access points
  • Machine vision
  • Security cameras
  • VOIP equipment
  • Utility meters