2.4 GHz SMD On-Ground Antenna

By Molex Connector Corporation 168

2.4 GHz SMD On-Ground Antenna

Developed with the power and precision of Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology, Molex's 2.4 GHz SMD on-ground antenna is the smallest on-ground molded interconnect device (MID) antenna on the market. The lightweight MID chip antenna weighs only 0.03 g and is used in portable electronic devices based on Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, Zigbee®, and other wireless standards. These devices include tablet PCs, headsets, smart meters, and more. Measuring only 3.00 mm by 3.00 mm by 4.00 mm (0.118" by 0.118" by 0.157") and used on one side of the PCB, the antenna allows board makers to realize significant PCB real estate savings by leaving the ground layers in the PCB intact while freeing up space on the reverse side of the PCB for other component assemblies.

This monopole antenna has an omnidirectional radiation pattern and requires only simple stripline matching on the PCB without the need for discrete components. It is fully compatible with SMD and reflow processes and usable as a stand-alone device without the need for cable connection. Besides offering good thermal properties, the liquid crystal polymer (LCP) body of the antenna provides a higher mechanical strain tolerance than ceramic ones.

  • Consistent antenna RF performance with the application of LDS, a technology known for its excellent precision, performance, and repeatability
  • High-temperature base material and the metal plating technology employed allow the antenna to endure reflow temperatures, an ideal condition for a standard SMT process
  • Valuable PCB real estate savings on both sides of the PCB with the use of this miniature antenna
  • No removal of ground layers from beneath the antenna is needed
  • Product is halogen-free and RoHS compliant
  • Consumer
    • Fitness equipment
    • Home security
    • Home automation equipment
    • Home office
    • Home streaming entertainment
    • Mobile devices
    • Personal care devices
    • Small office/home office (SOHO) networks
    • Wearables
  • Automotive
    • Comfort
    • Connected vehicle services
    • Infotainment systems
  • Industrial
    • Connectivity
    • Custom solutions
    • Infrastructure
    • Lighting controls
    • Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications
    • Smart meters
  • Commercial vehicle
    • Comfort/Infotainment
  • Telecommunications
    • Wireless LAN (WLAN)