UMP-400 Series Fanless 400 W Power Supply


UMP-400 Series Fanless 400 W Power Supply

MEAN WELL's UMP-400 series is an AC/DC 400 W low-profile modular fanless power supply. Due to the increasing demands from applications that require a completely silent power supply in recent years, this series comes as an addition to the single output UHP series products already available for purchase.

This product is a 1 U low-profile power supply which can also be modularized. The concept of being flexible and modular makes it an uncommon type of power supply on the market. It can not only be used as a single enclosed PSU but also a multiple output PSU if the available NID35/65/100 series DC/DC converter module cards are installed into the UMP-400 PCB. UMP-400 was designed as a standard product that supplies single output rail in either 24 V or 48 V. MEAN WELL can provide customized services immediately when multiple output rails are needed. Up to four rails of output voltage can be provided. The output voltage can fully meet the needs of various machines, equipment, and applications that require multiple sets of outputs.

The UMP-400 series is modular allowing configurations to be flexible, meaning there is no need of fan cooling or any other conduction cooling iron plate to output its full-rated power of 400 W. If a predefined cooling plate were attached to the bottom of PSU case, the UMP-400 could be in operation at a high temperature: +60°C. 1 U low-profile housing features no space constraints in installation. It is especially ideal for related applications such as communications and networking, industrial automation, communications equipment, and distributed power architecture.


  • Fanless, slim design with 1 U height
  • Used as a single rail PSU to provide 24 VDC/48 VDC output voltages
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Meet OVCIII requirements
  • Operates at 5000 m altitude
  • Meet 2x MOPP isolation requirements, ideal for BF rated medical equipment
  • 3-year warranty

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