TE0712 Series with Xilinx Artix®-7

By Trenz Electronic 125

TE0712 Series with Xilinx Artix®-7

Trenz Electronic's TE0712 is an industrial-grade FPGA module integrating a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA, a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet transceiver, 1 GByte of DDR3 SDRAM, 32 MByte Flash memory for configuration and operation, and powerful switching-mode power supplies for all on-board voltages. Numerous configurable I/Os are provided via rugged high-speed strips. All this on a tiny footprint, smaller than a credit card size at a very competitive price. All modules in 4 cm × 5 cm form factor are fully mechanically and electrically compatible among them.

Other assembly options for cost or performance optimization plus high-volume prices available on request.

The Trenz Electronic TE0701 and TE0703 carrier boards provide low-cost connection and extension to the Trenz Electronic TE07xx series.

Artix-7 devices provide the highest performance-per-watt fabric, transceiver line rates, DSP processing, and AMS integration in a cost-optimized FPGA. Featuring the MicroBlaze soft processor and 1,066 Mb/s DDR3 support, the family is the best value for a variety of cost-sensitive and power-sensitive applications including software-defined radio, machine vision cameras, and low-end wireless backhaul.

  • Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA (15T to 200T) supported by free Xilinx Vivado WebPACK software
  • Both industrial and commercial temperature ranges available
  • Rugged for high shock and high vibration resistance
  • 1 GByte DDR3 32-bit SDRAM
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet PHY
    • MAC address EEPROM
  • 32 MByte QSPI Flash memory (with XiP support)
  • Programmable clock generator
    • Transceiver clock (default 125 MHz)
    • Fabric clock (default 200 MHz)
  • Plug-on module with 2 × 100-pin and 1 × 60-pin high-speed hermaphroditic strips
  • 158 FPGA I/Os (78 differential pairs) available via board-to-board connectors (quantity depends on assembly variant)
  • 4 GTP (high-performance transceiver) lanes
    • GTP (high-performance transceiver) clock input
  • On-board high-efficiency DC/DC converters:
    • 12 A × 1.0 V power rail
    • 1.5 A × 1.8 V power rail
    • 1.5 A × 1.5 V power rail
  • System management and power sequencing
  • eFUSE bit-stream encryption
  • AES bit-stream encryption
  • User-configurable LEDs
  • Evenly-spread supply pins for good signal integrity
  • 64-channel portable ultrasound
  • Wireless backhaul: point-to-point 1024QAM microwave modem
  • Multi-protocol machine vision camera
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Battery powered software defined radio