PowerHap™ - Powerful Haptic Feedback Device

By EPCOS 209

PowerHap™ - Powerful Haptic Feedback Device

TDK Corporation presents the innovative PowerHap piezo actuator with haptic feedback and integrated sensor functionality. The actuator features unrivalled performance in terms of acceleration, force, and response time, and thus offers an unprecedented quality of haptic feedback.

The compact and powerful actuator enhances the sensory experience of HMIs significantly by engaging the full range of human tactile sensitivity. PowerHap is based multilayer piezo plates with cost-effective copper inner electrodes. When activated, the piezo plates only expand minimally in the z axis, but due to the constant volume of the piezo effect contract simultaneously in both the x and y axes.

The PowerHap piezo actuator is available in 2.5 G (9 mm x 9 mm x 1.2 mm), 7 G (12.7 mm x 12.7 mm x 1.9 mm), and 15 G (26 mm x 26 mm x 2.4 mm) types.

  • Integrated sensor functionality
  • Low insertion height
  • Fast response time
  • Elongation up to 30 µm, 65 µm, and 200 µm, respectively, for the 2.5 G, 7 G, and 15 G types
  • Broad voltage range
  • Automotive HMI
  • Household appliances
  • ATMs and vending machines
  • Game controllers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical devices

This part is an engineering sample and is not fully tested. This part should only be used for functional evaluation and proof of concept, not for production or end use.


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