Green Laser Modules

By Quarton Inc 153

Green Laser Modules

When comparing Quarton Incorporated's direct green laser diode module to traditional DPSS green laser modules, they are more compact but robust, thermally stable, and offer greater energy-efficient performance and longer lifetime. The wavelength of DPSS is converted from IR wavelength. However, with direct green diode lasers, the laser is emitted directly without conversion.

  • Direct green diode laser module to generate either green dot or green line modules
  • APC driver circuit enables the laser output power safe and constant
  • General pointing, positioning, measuring, and laser sighting
  • Operating temperature range: -4°F to +149°F / -20°C to +65°C
  • Ten times brighter than red laser
  • General pointing applications
  • Positioning, sighting, targeting, and marking
  • Measurement and alignment equipment
  • Automotive sensing applications
  • Medical and lab applications
  • Laser leveling
  • Wood processing
  • Metal processing
  • Stone processing
  • Food and textile industries


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