GNSS Patch Antenna

By Molex Inc 130

GNSS Patch Antenna

Molex's GNSS active patch and flexible antenna complements ceramic and LDS-MID chip selections for superior signal processing and ground independence over a wide range of navigation and tracking applications. This RoHS compliant antenna offers low RL and axial ratio with high gain. It is designed for GPS right-handed circular polarization wave reception and has excellent re-stripping characteristics, which makes it easy to install and uninstall. The antenna delivers high gain and high radiation-efficiency performance for the most demanding GPS applications. The silver pin on the top positions and fixes the antenna to the PCB (via soldering), providing an electrical contact between the antenna and board.

  • Antenna radiator (low-profile GNSS)
    • Acts as a transducer to convert unguided electromagnetic waves to guided electromagnetic waves and vice versa
  • Ceramic patch antenna (GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS) versions
    • Deliver high gain, high radiation efficiency performance for the most demanding GPS applications
    • Compact, inexpensive, and easy to integrate into applications subject to high reflow temperatures
    • Feeding pad (double-sided adhesive) (GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS)
    • Secures the antenna to the PCB
    • Active gain version support
    • Silver pin (GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS)
    • Positions and fixes the antenna to the PCB (via soldering)
    • Provides electrical contact between antenna and board
    • Patch antenna achieves highest gain when placed horizontally on a surface facing the z-axis since it can receive all propagated GPS signals
    • Lower gain will be experienced if the patch antenna is mounted on a surface that makes an angle with the horizontal
  • SMT and laser direct structuring (LDS)-formed antenna radiator (RHCP/Helix SMT LDS-MID GPS antenna)
    • Ultra-compact and high-efficiency performance for GPS and GNSS bands/frequencies
    • Yield high, consistent RF performance, leveraging the excellent laser structuring precision, speed, accuracy, and repeatability of LDS technology
    • Utilize pick and place features to speed up automated placement of antenna during assembly
    • Gold (Au) over nickel (Ni) traces (RHCP/Helix SMT LDS-MID GPS antenna)
    • Acts as transducer to convert unguided electromagnetic waves to guided electromagnetic waves and vice versa
  • Combination antennas feature
    • GNSS/GPS enabled external versions
    • 2.4 GHz/5 GHz versions
    • Also LTE supported (on external versions)
  • Commercial vehicle
    • Agricultural machines
    • Geo-fencing
    • Logistics
    • Rail infrastructure
  • Consumer
    • Geocaching
  • Industrial
    • Emergency response systems
    • Maritime port management system
    • Surveying and mapping systems

*This list comprises some of the more common uses for this product; it is not a comprehensive list of applications.