900 V Family of ICs

By Power Integrations 254

900 V Family of ICs

Power Integrations offers a suite of three product families of switcher ICs with integrated 900 V MOSFETs, which dramatically improve reliability in applications exposed to unstable line voltages. The three families, 900 V LinkSwitch-TN2, 900 V LinkSwitch-XT2, and 900 V InnoSwitch3-EP, support high-efficiency isolated and non-isolated flyback power supplies (InnoSwitch3-EP and LinkSwitch-XT2) and simple buck converters (LinkSwitch-TN2). The switchers support up to 35 W. All members of the 900 V product families feature internal control engines optimized for high efficiency across load enabling designs to easily meet ERP limits and provide line and load protection mechanisms to further enhance system robustness and reliability. A high level of integration to reduce external component count is a common feature for all three families and includes integrated start-up to eliminate bootstrap components, internal lossless current sensing, and frequency jitter to reduce EMI. No-load below 30 mW is standard for all three families and excellent light-load performance makes them ideal for always-on appliances, metering, and industrial applications.

The 900 V InnoSwitch3-EP devices employ FluxLink magneto-inductive communication between primary and secondary side to provide safe, effective communication that eliminates the need for opto-couplers, further reducing component-count and increasing system reliability. All InnoSwitch3-EP devices are UL 1577 and TOV EN 60950 approved. InnoSwitch3-EP devices support isolated single and multi-output power supply designs up to 35 W output.

900 V LinkSwitch-TN2 devices are optimized for single-output buck and buck-boost applications and provide accurate output regulations and high efficiency for constant voltage outputs up to 360 mA.

The 900 V LinkSwitch-XT2 family is designed for isolated and non-isolated flyback applications up to 11 W. Selectable device current limit and optional self-biasing leads to the lowest component count solution for highly compact single and multi-output designs with extremely low no-load consumption of less than 10 mW.

The three families are completely interchangeable with their 725 V switch-MOSFET versions for simple SKU optimization.

  • Rugged 900 V switching MOSFETs increase system reliability
  • Highest efficiency conversion, constant across load which eliminates heatsinks
  • EcoSmart: very low standby and no-load consumption
    • 900 V LinkSwitch-TN2 <30 mW no-load
    • 900 V InnoSwitch3-EP <15 mW no-load
    • 900 V LinkSwitch-XT2 <10 mW no-load
  • Highly integrated means lowest component count
  • Extensive protection features
  • Appliance and consumer auxiliary and bias power
  • Metering and smart-grid power
  • Smart LED drivers
  • Industrial and motor controls
  • IoT home and building automation