WSBS/WSBM Low Ohmic Power Shunt Resistors

By Vishay/Dale 338

WSBS/WSBM Low Ohmic Power Shunt Resistors

Vishay’s Power Metal Strip® power shunt resistors are optimized for current sensing where accuracy and quality in normal and harsh environments are required. The low ohmic resistance, in combination with low TCR and low thermal EMF, makes Power Metal Strip power shunt products the resistor of choice for high-current and high-power applications, especially in battery management.

  • High power to resistor size ratio
  • Sn plating option assists with PCB mounting and corrosion protection
  • All welded construction
  • High continuous current capability (up to 1.414 kA)
  • Very low inductance (< 5 nH)
  • Low thermal EMF (< 3 µV/°C)
  • Low RTC, down to < 10 ppm/°C available
  • Two or three sense pins option allows for consistent contact location
  • Proprietary processing technique produces extremely low resistance values (down to 25 µΩ)
  • Tapped holes option aids in PCB mounting, a location to attach voltage sense pins, or both
  • Molded version with Molex connector available
  • AEC-Q200 qualification available
  • 3D models and pulse calculator tool available


  • Industrial applications and consumer purchases
  • WSBS and WSBM series primary applications are for battery management
  • All forklifts, utility trucks, large UPS systems, and other heavy industrial design and manufacturing companies


  • All automotive/truck battery management design and manufacturing companies
  • Primary applications are battery management of gas/diesel, hybrid, and all electric systems


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