MLX90340 Triaxis® Position Sensor

By Melexis Technologies NV 195

MLX90340 Triaxis® Position Sensor

The MLX90340, an absolute position sensor based on the Melexis Triaxis Hall technology for flexible sensing applications, is targeted for various applications in consumer and industrial markets. With a reduced set of core parameters compared to other Triaxis sensors in the portfolio, the MLX90340 only targets the essential: position sensing with the greatest ease of designing a magnet. It still offers the best flexibility to measure 360 degrees rotational (end-of-shaft or through-shaft) and up to a ±20 mm linear magnet movement.

  • Absolute position sensor ±1 degree accuracy with 12-bit resolution
  • Programmable linearization algorithm: arbitrary points (4 points) or 17 points piecewise linear output compensation
  • Programmable magnetic mapping XY, XZ, YZ
  • 5 V supply
  • Magnet field range: 20 mT to 70 mT
  • Ratiometric analog output or PWM open drain/push-pull output (100 Hz to 1 kHz)
  • Four pre-programmed analog versions (90°, 180°, 270°, 360°)


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