MKJ Series Mini Circular Connectors

By ITT Interconnect Solutions 192

MKJ Series Mini Circular Connectors

ITT Cannon's MKJ family of mini circular connectors provides approximate electrical and mechanical characteristics of larger and heavier Military Standard Environmental connectors while reducing weight up to 71% and size up to 52%.

MKJ series connector shells and jam nuts are available in high quality aluminum alloy or corrosion resistant steel per AMS-QQ-S 763. The MKJ series comes with rear accessory thread or integral band platform for direct attachment of cable shield and overmold. The MKJ series of connectors comes with a variety of coupling mechanisms: threaded, breakaway, and bayonet. An additional MKJ series option available is ITT’s unique spring probe pin/touch pad contact system.

The MKJ series receptacle comes with a variety of mounting options for both crimp and PCB contacts including in-line, jam nut, front mount, square flange mount, and flange mount. The MKJ0, MKJ1, and MKJ3 feature a master key and 2 secondary keys for positive mating with 4 clocking positions available. The MKJ0 connector is ideal for everyday operations where size and weight are at a premium. The MJK1 connector is ideal for harsh shock and vibration environments. The MKJ3 connector can be fully mated in a 1/4 turn. The MKJ4 connector provides a quick, push to mate/pull to unmate, disconnect mechanism for fast breakaway connections.

View MKJ5 Series.

  • Medical equipment: test and diagnostic
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial and military aircraft electronics
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Navigation and telemetry equipment
  • Ruggedized computers and hand held communications equipment
  • Missile systems
  • Avionic systems
  • Satellites
  • Sensors
  • Instrumentation
  • Interconnections for helmets, weapons, battery packs, night vision goggles, aircraft headsets, and more