MeArm Robotic Arm Kits

By Kitronik 128

MeArm Robotic Arm Kits

The MeArm robotic arm kit from Kitronik is a benchtop robotic arm designed to get children and adults learning about technology and engineering. The kit can be easily built and is available for multiple controller platforms including micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Maker.


The significant benefit of being integrated with the Micro:Bit is the availability of coding editors to suit every coding ability level. They can use MakeCode blocks and Javascript editors, or the MicroPython or MU editors to program the MeArm.


At its heart is the Arduino-compatible ESP 8266 Wi-Fi board. This is a low-power board designed specifically for IoT applications that has on-board Arduino IDE and Wi-Fi. This means that users can create code in any Arduino-compatible editor, drop it onto the board and get going straight away with no additional boards required.

Raspberry Pi

At its heart is the Raspberry Pi (not included), a small and affordable computer that can be used for learning to code, that can be used as a desktop computer. It can be controlled directly through the on-board joysticks or users can learn to code by making it move using a variety of languages. A major benefit of being integrated with the Raspberry Pi is the availability of coding editors to suit every coding ability level and preference.


The classic version of the MeArm is a blank canvas that can be controlled using whatever control board users desire, without having to remove a pre-installed board first. It also gives users the freedom to use any arm control that will connect to their board, be that joystick, keypad, levers, or sliding potentiometer.

  • Easy-to-build kit suitable for children ages 11 and above
  • Hex key included, the only tool required for the build
  • Available in multiple platforms including micro:bit, Maker, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi
  • Available in orange or blue
  • 1 x pack of orange plastic parts for the structure of the arm
  • 1 x socket head screws for easy assembling
  • 1 x hex key, so users do not need their own tools
  • 4 x metal gear servos
  • 1 x battery box

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