M Series Wirewound Multi-Turn Potentiometers

By Nidec Copal Electronics 106

M Series Wirewound Multi-Turn Potentiometers

Nidec Copal Electronics' M series wirewound potentiometers utilize precision wire-winding technology to achieve long operation life and low output noise. The devices exhibit excellent independent linearity and are less affected by temperature changes compared to other types of potentiometers. The potentiometers are ideal for human-machine interface (HMI) applications to adjust control settings for industrial equipment, communication devices, and measuring instruments.

  • Available with three, five, or ten turns
  • Long rotational life:
    • 15,000 cycles (M-1303 and M-1305)
    • 25,000 cycles (M-22S10 and M-22E10)
  • Nominal resistance values:
    • 100 Ω, 200 Ω, and 500 Ω
    • 1 KΩ, 2 KΩ, 5 KΩ, 10 KΩ, 20 KΩ, and 50 KΩ
  • Effective electrical angle and turns:
    • 1,080° and three turns (M-1303)
    • 1,800° and five turns (M-1305)
    • 3,600° and ten turns (M-22S10 and M-22E10)
  • Independent linearity:
    • ±0.2% (M-22S10 and M-22E10)
    • ±0.5% (M-1303 and M-1305)
  • HMI
  • Industrial equipment
  • Communication devices
  • Measuring instruments