Lithium MnO2 Batteries

By Jauch Quartz 129

Lithium MnO2 Batteries

Jauch's lithium batteries are available in many versions, which differ in terms of the cathode, electrolyte and separator being used. They are available in different designs and sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications. Because of their high voltage of 3 V, high-capacity, wide temperature range, and long shelf life (due to its low self-discharge), they have a wide range of applications. Lithium manganese dioxide batteries (LiMnO2) with a voltage of 3 V are a popular choice. This type has been traditionally used in electronic devices and as a backup battery for motherboards. The advantage over lithium batteries with a liquid cathode (such as LiSO2, LiSOCl2, and LiSO2Cl2) is the lower passivation of the anode, which helps avoid voltage drops at the beginning of the load (voltage delay).

  • Transport safety certification: UN38.3
  • Output currents: 35 mAh to 1550 mAh
  • Form factors available: coin and cylindrical
  • Cell certification: UL1642
  • Memory backup
  • Medical devices
  • Cameras
  • Remote sensors
  • Metering