Lithium-Ion Batteries

By Jauch Quartz 194

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Jauch's lithium-ion batteries are provided with a protection circuit that protects the battery from overcharging, which lithium-ion cells are especially negatively affected by. Only compatible chargers should be used. The life-cycle can last several years, depending on the use and storage conditions.

Sony launched the first lithium cobalt dioxide rechargeable battery for a video camera in 1991. Initially used only in these portable devices with high-energy requirements, lithium-ion batteries can be found in an infinite number of applications today. In addition to older mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or cameras, these kinds of batteries can be found in vacuum cleaners, tools, vehicles, storage applications, and large energy storage devices for storing energy from solar cells. Because of their high-efficiency, they are being used in more and more applications that previously could not be operated by battery. Lithium-ions (Li+) can freely move through the electrolyte between the two electrodes of the battery. Lithium-ion cells are characterized by a high-energy density.

  • Transport safety certification: UN38.3
  • Output currents: 850 mAh to 6500 mAh
  • Protection: Built-in PCM
  • Cell certification: UL1642
  • IoT
  • VRLA replacement
  • Industrial
  • Medical devices