Liquid Flow Sensor SLF3S-1300F

By Sensirion 220

Liquid Flow Sensor SLF3S-1300F

Sensirion's latest liquid flow sensor, the SLF3S-1300F, combines their excellent 20-year track record in low and lowest flow rate sensing with a radically optimized mechanical design. The SLF3S-1300F takes well-established functionality to the next level in price-performance ratio. The sensor provides maximum safety, stability, and long-term reliability for a wide range of applications, including the fields of diagnostics, analytical instruments, and life sciences.

The SLF3S-1300F liquid flow sensor is based on Sensirion’s proven CMOSens® technology and optimizes costs by simplifying the design without sacrificing the easy fluidic, electrical, and mechanical connections. The straight and unobstructed flow channel has no moving parts. Inert wetted materials provide outstanding chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility. In measuring flow rates up to 40 ml/min biirectionally, the sensor allows monitoring the entire system operation and detecting common failure modes.

This sensor enables applications in the fields of diagnostics, analytical instruments, and life sciences to reach unparalleled fluid control, system reliability and thus new heights in performance and end-user satisfaction. Its compact form factor and cost-effective design permit system designs with one or more sensors that were previously unfeasible.

  • Highly integrated: linearized, temperature-compensated and fully calibrated digital output signal (I²C) from a single chip
  • Full-scale flow rate for water-based liquids: 40 ml /min
  • Turn down ratio 200:1 or better
  • High-speed measurement: response time below 20 ms
  • Bidirectional measurement and real-time failure detection
  • Easy fluidic and electrical integration via ¼″-28 flat bottom ports and a standard connector
  • Straight, unobstructed flow channel without moving parts
  • Media isolated sensing principle: no direct sensor contact with the fluid
  • Compact and lightweight form factor
  • Chemically resistant wetted materials
  • Diagnostics
  • Life science and analytical instruments
  • Biomedical devices
  • Fuel cell systems
  • Industrial automation

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