Layerscape® LS1028A Reference Design Board (R

By NXP Semiconductors 105

Layerscape® LS1028A Reference Design Board (R

NXP's Layerscape LS1028A reference design board (LS1028ARDB) is designed to exercise most of the capabilities of the LS1028A SoC. The LS1028ARDB can help reduce development time by providing a reference for custom board development, a debug tool to check behavior on the board compared to custom board designs, and a pre-loaded embedded Linux® software development kit (SDK) for Layerscape processors.

The LS1028A includes functionality for Industry 4.0 including time-sensitive networking (for deterministic Ethernet), high-performance Arm® Cortex®-A72 cores, 3D graphics for human-machine interface (HMI) applications, and integrated security capabilities using NXP’s trust architecture. The LS1028A is the first SoC in the Layerscape family with an integrated 3D GPU for HMI, TSN support in the integrated Ethernet switch, and the independent Ethernet controllers.

The family consists of four parts including the LS1028A, LS1027A, LS1018A, and LS1017A which offer one or two Cortex-A72 cores and the option to include HMI capabilities with DP/eDP, a LCD controller, and 3D GPU. The LS1028A processor family is part of the successful Layerscape family of SoCs and addresses a wide variety of applications for Industry 4.0, such as Edge compute platforms, industrial IoT gateways, industrial control, PLCs, HMI, and industrial PCs.

Layerscape® LS1028A Family of Industrial Applications Processors

TSN for Industry 4.0 Industrial IoT

  • Memory:
    • 4 GB DDR4 SDRAM with ECC
    • 32-bit DDR4 bus at data rates up to 1,600 MT/second
    • 256 MB QSPI NOR Flash
    • 512 MB QSPI NAND Flash
    • 8 GB eMMC
    • SDHC port connected to a full-size SD slot
  • Ethernet:
    • 1x RJ45 connector for 1 Gbps Ethernet with TSN, 1588
    • 4x RJ45 connector for 1 Gbps Ethernet switch with TSN, 1588 (QSGMII)
  • Basic peripherals and interconnect:
    • 2x M.2 Type E slots with PCIe Gen 3.0 x1
    • 1x M.2 Type B slot with SATA 3.0 (resistor mux with one Type E slot)
    • 1x Type A USB 3.0 super-speed port
    • 1x Type C USB 3.0 super-speed port
    • DisplayPort interface
    • 2x DB9 RS232 serial ports
    • 2x DB9 CAN interfaces
    • 1x 3.5 mm audio out
    • 2x mikroBUS
  • Industrial computing:
    • Industrial PCs, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), test and measurement, data collection cards, and HMI
  • Factory and process automation:
    • Robotics controllers, motion controllers, and I/O controllers
  • Industrial networking:
    • IoT gateways, industrial gateways, industrial switches, and industrial access points
  • Transportation:
    • HMI, embedded controllers, and communications gateways
  • Enterprise equipment:
    • Wired and wireless branch office/SMB routers, vCPE gateways, enterprise and cloud-managed WLAN access points, Ethernet switches, service line cards, and UTM equipment
  • Service providers:
    • Wired and wireless next generation gateways, access routers, service provider wireless LAN hotspots
  • Aerospace, defense, and government:
    • SBCs, ruggedized or highly secure routers, avionics networking, UAV, and data recorders