Fuse Holders, Clips, and Accessories Kit

By Eaton-Electronics Division 133

Fuse Holders, Clips, and Accessories Kit

Eaton Electronics' fuse accessory kit covers all the options that are typically available and required for a cartridge style fuse to be mounted on a printed circuit board via wire terminations. The type of holder can be selected for the application, and the holder can be easily replenished from Digi-Key to allow for future design projects.

Kit Contents
  • Panel mount fuseholders
    • 1x HKP-R
    • 1x HTB-22I-R
    • 1x HTB-32M-R
    • 1x S-8001-1-R
    • 1x S-8202-1-SNP
  • In-line fuseholders
    • 1x HFA-R
    • 1x HFB-R
    • 1x HHB-R
    • 1x HRK-R
    • 1x HHK
    • 1x HHT
    • 1x HHN
  • PCB fuseholders
    • 1x H15-V-1
    • 1x H15-H-1
    • 1x HBV
    • 1x HBH
    • 1x HTC-15M
    • 1x HTC-150M
    • 1x HTC-60M
  • PCB fuse clips
    • 5x 1A1907-03-R
    • 5x 1A4534-01-R
    • 10x 1A5018-10-R
    • 10x 1A3399-04-R
    • 5x 1A3400-09-R
  • Accessories
    • 1x FBI
    • 1x FBM
    • 1x FTM
    • 1x STI
  • Fuse
    • 1x MDA-20-R
    • 1x AGC-30-R
    • 1x S505H-2-5-R

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