Cellular Base Station

By IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 146

Cellular Base Station

IDT and Renesas offer a wide range of bias control DCPs, voltage references, digital converters, and highly integrated industry-proven timing tree solutions that address the needs of infrastructure systems. The increased amount of data and video being transmitted via the cloud has placed huge bandwidth and power demands on the entire infrastructure market.

The target applications of IDT and Renesas' timing solutions include base station radio cards, remote radio units, baseband units, satellites, and microwave communication links.

Cellular Base Station

Block Diagram

  • Base station radio cards
  • Remote radio units
  • Baseband units
  • Satellites
  • Microwave communication links
  • Beamforming applications
  • Ultra-low phase noise maximizes signal-to-noise ratio from converters and enables superior radio performance
  • Broad frequency range allows design portability to support 4G and 5G standards and mmWave massive MIMO radios
  • Ultra-low skew drift capability makes it ideal for beamforming applications
  • State-of-the-art solutions for 5G:
    • Up to 18 GHz LO output frequency with leading phase noise
    • Low phase skew drift for AAS/beamforming
    • CTE < 5 ns for network equipment