Biology Tweezers

By Ideal-tek 158

Biology Tweezers

The Ideal-tek high precision tweezer line has been expanded with the addition of their biology line to meet the most stringent ultra-high precision applications. Made of superalloy (CX), Ideal-tek's biology tweezers are the perfect choice to be used under a microscope as their ultra-fine tips are ideal for handling extremely minute material and grids. The superior alloy materials resist extreme temperatures, chemicals, and other harsh conditions. The combination of ultra-fine tips and superior alloy materials makes these tweezers ideal for the most demanding applications.

  • Every single production step is tracked
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Resistant to chemicals and harsh conditions
  • 0.02 mm tip tolerance
  • Superior alloy materials
  • Perfect symmetry
  • Perfect balance
  • Perfect tip alignment
  • Ultra-fine tips
  • Excellent toughness

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