BCR601 - Linear LED IC with Active Headroom Contro

By Infineon Technologies 175

BCR601 - Linear LED IC with Active Headroom Contro

Infineon's BCR601 is a linear LED controller IC regulating the LED current with an external driver transistor. It supports either NPN bipolar transistors or N-channel MOSFETs to cover a wide LED current and power range up to several amperes.

The BCR601 IC employs active headroom control; this is the realization of feedback to the primary side. It is an architecture that allows a linear LED controller to achieve maximum system efficiency by actively adjusting the AC/DC voltage feedback loop to apply minimum voltage headroom on the output. By adjusting and controlling a minimum necessary voltage across the LED array and linear pass element (transistor) on the output, system efficiency is optimized and component temperatures are reduced.

The BCR601 suppresses the voltage ripple of the power supply by driving a constant LED current for flicker-free light output.

The LED current can be dimmed by resistors as well as analog voltages connected to the multi-function input-output (MFIO) pin.

The embedded hot-plug protection allows to plug in and plug out any LED load during operation without damaging the LEDs.

It features overtemperature and overvoltage protection for reliable operation and safety of LEDs

  • Overtemperature protection feature reduces the LED current by 30 percent of the nominal current if the junction temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Adjustable overvoltage protection provides feedback to the primary side by the optocoupler in case the supply voltage exceeds the threshold
  • 60 V capable, constant current linear controller
  • Feedback to primary side via optocoupler
  • Supports NPN bipolar transistors or n-channel MOSFETs (NMOS)
  • 100 Hz/120 Hz supply voltage ripple suppression
  • Hot plug protection
  • Multifunction I/O pin for analog dimming
  • Rset functionality to set LED current
  • Overvoltage and overtemperature protection
  • The control loop minimizes the voltage overhead and power dissipation of the external driver transistor. The voltage overhead can be adjusted according to the application needs
  • Linear control up to 60 V with highly precise LED current
  • Protection features enabling long lifetime of LEDs
  • Providing high light quality and analog dimming