ACPL-C87AT/ACPL-C87BT DC Voltage Isolation Sensors

By Broadcom Limited 115

ACPL-C87AT/ACPL-C87BT DC Voltage Isolation Sensors

Broadcom's ACPL-C87AT and ACPL-C87BT automotive isolation amplifiers utilize superior optical coupling technology with a sigma-delta (Σ−Δ) analog-to-digital converter, chopper-stabilized amplifiers, and a fully differential circuit topology to provide unequaled isolation mode noise rejection, low offset, high gain accuracy, and stability.

ACPL-C87AT (±1% gain tolerance) and ACPL-C87BT (±0.5% gain tolerance) are designed for high-precision DC voltage sensing in electronic motor drivers, DC/DC and AC/DC converters, and battery monitoring systems. The ACPL-C87AT and ACPL-C87BT feature high input impedance and operate with a full span of analog input voltages up to 2.46 V. The shutdown feature provides power saving and can be controlled from an external source such as a microprocessor.

The high common-mode transient immunity (15 kV/µs) of the ACPL-C87AT and ACPL-C87BT maintains the precision and stability needed to accurately monitor DC rail voltage in high noise motor control environments. This galvanically-safe isolation solution is delivered in a compact, surface-mount-stretched SO-8 (SSO-8) package that meets worldwide regulatory safety standards.

Broadcom R2Coupler isolation products provide the reinforced insulation and reliability needed for critical automotive and high-temperature industrial applications.

  • Unity gain
  • ±0.5% (ACPL-C87BT) and ±1% (ACPL-C87AT) gain tolerance at +25°C
  • Input offset voltage: -0.3 mV
  • 0.05% non-linearity
  • 25 ppm/°C gain drift vs. temperature
  • Bandwidth: 100 kHz
  • Nominal input range: 0 V to 2 V
  • Qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 test guidelines
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +125°C
  • Shutdown feature (active high)
  • 15 kV/µs common-mode rejection at VCM = 1 kV
  • Working voltage, VIORM: 1414 Vpeak
  • Compact, surface mount stretched SO-8 package
  • Worldwide safety approval:
    • UL 1577 (5000 VRMS/1 minute)
    • CSA
    • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5
  • Automotive BMS battery pack voltage sensing
  • Automotive DC/DC converter voltage sensing
  • Automotive motor inverter DC bus voltage sensing
  • Automotive AC/DC (charger) DC output voltage sensing
  • Isolation interface for temperature sensing
  • General-purpose voltage sensing and monitoring

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