Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric Tape

By 3M 170

Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric Tape

3M™ self-stick liquid protection fabric is engineered for the non-stop demands of industrial environments where protection from water, solvents, oil, and other fluids is vital. It can help boost productivity, reduce maintenance and cleanup time, and preserve workspaces.

Damage to valuable surfaces can result in time-consuming cleanup, expensive rework, and costly downtime. 3M self-stick liquid protection fabric provides a fast, convenient, and economical solution against damage.

It is being used in paint booths to protect from overspray, replacing floor mats, protecting work stations, covering paint mixing tables, and lining walkways to prevent slips and falls. It is also covering flooring around machines, water fountains, bathrooms, and even in manufacturing areas to protect RVs, marine equipment, and automobiles.

  • Easy, one-step application
  • Clean removal from most surfaces
  • Provides a cleaner working environment
  • Indoor and outdoor applications