PA-800 Series Pressure Transducers with AMP

By Nidec Copal Electronics 90

PA-800 Series Pressure Transducers with AMP

Nidec Copal Electronics PA-800 series uses a diffusion type semiconductor sensing chip encased inside a double diaphragm structure which allows for use in applications using corrosive fluids. The PA-800 comes with a built-in voltage to current converter and an amplifier circuit providing 1 VDC to 5 VDC output. They are used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment (CMP), medical equipment (dialysis units), industrial equipment (degassing applications), and automated assembly systems.

  • 4 types of pressure ranges are available:
    • 0 to 98.1 kPa
    • 0 to 343 kPa
    • 0 to 981 kPa
    • 0 to -98.1 kPa
  • Output: 1 VDC to 5 VDC
  • Power: 12 VDC to 24 VDC ±10%
  • Double diaphragm structure (SUS316L diaphragm)
  • Built-in amplifier circuit
  • High accuracy due to built-in digital temperature compensation function
  • Analog voltage output


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