Mini Tweezer Line

By Ideal-tek 133

Mini Tweezer Line

Made of superalloy (CX), Ideal-tek’s mini biology tweezers are the perfect choice to be used under a microscope, as the ultra-fine tips are ideal for handling extremely minute material and grids. The superior alloy materials resist extreme temperatures, chemicals, and other harsh conditions.

These mini tweezers can be used where a fine tip is needed without the excess bulk of long tweezers. They are very light, ergonomic, and ideal for working into tight spaces, under the limited working area of a microscope, and for short-range precision work.

  • Perfect symmetry
  • Perfect balance
  • Perfect tip alignment
  • Made with top quality raw materials
  • Round edges (no scratches on components/ergonomically designed)
  • Electropolished and hand-polished surfaces
  • Increased operator productivity
  • Preserved component integrity
  • Total stress-free performance guaranteed
  • Specimen handling
  • Microscopy preparation
  • Sorting
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Electronic assembly
  • Watchmaking
  • General laboratory
  • Biological
  • Medical applications