HR10 Series Connectors

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 175

HR10 Series Connectors

Hirose Electric's HR10 series micro push-pull connectors are coupling-type micro-connectors developed in response to customers' needs for miniaturization, high density, and easy handling. The one-touch push-pull coupling mechanism assures easy and quick connecting by pushing any part of the connector housing. The Hirose HR10 micro push-pull connectors feature a five-key system that only permits a single coupling position, so finding the right position is easy, even with blind mating. Ideal for small-sized or portable electronic equipment requiring high reliability and a good appearance.


  • High-performance and miniature
  • Simple, yet highly reliable design for compact, high-density applications
    • Although small, the HR10 series are full-featured connectors with a well-integrated design
  • Extremely easy mating and unmating operations
    • The single-action push-pull lock structure allows for quick and efficient locking and unlocking
  • Industrial applications
    • Servo motors
    • FA robotics
    • Ship GPS
    • Test and measurement
    • Linear scales
  • Outdoor applications
    • LED lighting
    • Street lamps
    • Base transceiver systems (BTS)