High-Power TF Series Power Supplies

By SL Power Electronics Manufacture of Condor/Ault Brands 172

High-Power TF Series Power Supplies

SL Power's TF series power supplies are designed for a wide range of high-power platforms and applications such as automatic testing, semiconductor testing, and industrial imaging. These applications require power supplies that are flexible, compact, and reliable, beyond simple considerations of input and output.

With the RS232 and I2C digital communication protocols, designers can now program output voltage, anywhere from near-zero to 60 volts, and easily check operational status, allowing them to optimize their circuit design for specific applications. A programmable power supply enables the designer to use the same power supply in many applications, thereby reducing the qualification effort on subsequent projects.

The TF series offers the flexibility of using two or more units in parallel, providing the ability to scale-up power as customer systems evolve. TF series power supplies come in a compact mechanical design and comply with the highest standards for EMI and EMC performance.

Effortless and seamless integration of TF series power supplies into high-power applications allows system designers to spend more time on features and functionality of the end-application.

Features and Benefits
  • 800 W, 1500 W, and 3000 W fan-cooled (load and temperature controlled)
  • Programmable output voltage (0% to 105%)
  • Programmable output current (0% to 105%)
  • Forced current sharing at parallel operation
  • Constant current limit
  • Selectable +5 V/0.5 A or +9 V/0.3 A auxiliary output
  • Global control via RS232
  • Remote setting multiple PSU via RS232, RS485, and I2C
  • Power OK signal / Remote ON/OFF, Remote Sense
  • Protection: OVP, OLP, OTP, fan failure

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