Han-Eco® B Series Connector


Han-Eco® B Series Connector

HARTING's Han-Eco® B series is a robust fiberglass-reinforced polyamide rectangular connector with unique features that provide advantageous benefits. HARTING launched over 550 part numbers in this product series that covers bulkhead and surface mount housings, as well as top entry, side entry, and cable-to-cable hoods. It is available in indoor and outdoor versions for all four sizes: 6B, 10B, 16B, and 24B. Rearside-mounting capability in a cabinet is one main feature which allows for harness assembly to be completed at one location, stocked, and then easily assembled into a cabinet at another location. Another feature is compatiblity with metal hoods and housings. A customer can retrofit an Eco B hood with an existing metal housing in the field. HARTING’s inserts can be used in the plastic rectangular line with the Eco B, which helps customers correctly design a solution in a suitable price point. Key markets are machinery, transportation, and energy.


  • Rearside-mounting assembly in a cabinet with a click-and-mate frame/housing design allows customers to build the internal cabinet harness offsite and then click into the bulkhead on the cabinet easily from the inside of the cabinet
  • Mating capability to metal hoods and housings where customers can partially retrofit old designs; the series can mate plastic Eco B hood with existing metal bulkhead and vice versa
  • HARTING’s insert portfolio originally designed for the Han B metal hoods/housings are compatible with the Han-Eco B series, further expanding the reach of the inserts and allowing for correct design-ins for applications
  • Gasketing options allow for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Cabinets in the machinery market
  • Rolling stock trains in the transportation market
  • Switchgears in the energy market
  • Generators in the energy market


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