Desktop PCB Milling Machine Advanced Bundle

By Bantam Tools 148

Desktop PCB Milling Machine Advanced Bundle

Bantam Tools' desktop PCB milling machine is fast, easy, and affordable while delivering professional, reliable, and precision milling. The PCB milling tool means no more waiting on external PCB fabricators. The WY1000-2Y extends the manufacturer's warranty to 2 years from the purchase date and can be activated when it is purchased with the desktop PCB milling machine (part numbers: OM1002 or OM1004), the high-precision collet set (part number: AC009), and the precision fixturing and toe clamp (part number: FX1008).

Instructions for activating the warranty will be sent when all required parts have been purchased together.

Contents When Purchased Together
  • Desktop PCB milling machine:
    • External power supply
    • Power cable
    • USB cable
    • Tool set
    • Bantam Tools' getting started project kits
  • Advanced bundle:
    • Precision fixturing and toe clamp set
    • High-precision collet set
    • 2-year extended warranty

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