CFG and CFN Series Metal Foil Current-Sense Chip R

By Bourns Inc. 128

CFG and CFN Series Metal Foil Current-Sense Chip R

Bourns' CFG and CFN series metal foil current-sense resistors are surface-mount models that are constructed with a metal foil resistive element mounted on a ceramic substrate for excellent heat conductivity. The CFG series is available in a 0612 (1632 metric) wide terminal footprint. The CFN series is offered in two different sizes including 0805 (2012 metric) and 1206 (3216 metric).

The wide terminal shape of the CFG series helps to provide improved heat dissipation and higher reliability due to the larger terminations and solder-joint surfaces. The metal foil resistive element of these current sense resistors results in ultra-low inductance, low noise, and excellent reliability. The devices are available with ultra-low resistance values (down to 5 mΩ). The CFG series is ideal for current-sensing in consumer and telecommunication electronics and industrial automation applications.

  • Wide terminal type (CFG series)
  • Excellent heat dissipation (CFG series)
  • High reliability (CFG and CFN series)
  • High stability (CFN series)
  • Metal foil (CFG and CFN series)
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free (CFG and CFN series)
  • High-power density (CFN series)
  • CFG and CFN series:
    • Current-sensing
    • Power supplies
    • Stepper motor drives
    • Input amplifiers


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