WT2M Soldering Station

By Apex Tool Group 264

WT2M Soldering Station

Weller adds the WT2M to its high-performance WT line by Apex Tool Group offering best-in-class solutions, maximum versatility, and a wide assortment of tips and accessories. Weller’s WT2M soldering station is an unbeatable combination of compact space-saving size, stackability, and power.

The multi-functional 2-channel WT2M soldering station offers 150 W of power and is backward-compatible with Weller’s micro-soldering cartridge tip tools and many passive tip tools providing high-performance, easy handling, and long tip life.

  • Supports a wide range of tools using standard passive tips (combined tool power up to 200 W)
  • Best-in-class portfolio to get the right tool for a user's application
  • Provides high performance while controlling the costs
  • Hand soldering SMD and through-hole components on PCBs
  • Hand soldering wire and cable harnesses
  • Removal of SMD components on PCBs
  • Rework of high-thermal mass assemblies

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