Wire-Marking Solutions

By Phoenix Contact 221

Wire-Marking Solutions

Assign wire and cable identity easily with Phoenix Contact marking systems. The line of THERMOMARK ROLL thermal-transfer printers presents users with a variety of media choices for wire and cables. Quickly design the labels using Phoenix Contact's free Clip Project marking software.


The THERMOMARK ROLL is a small, compact desktop printer for printing shrink sleeves, self-laminating wire wraps, and adhesive labels. They are ideal for lower volumes with minimal material changeover.

The THERMOMARK ROLLMASTER 300 and THERMOMARK ROLLMASTER 600 are large, rugged desktop printers designed for high-volume users of shrink sleeves. They will also print on other wire labels and adhesive labels. Both are available with 300 dpi or 600 dpi print head.

Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeves provide a professional-looking wire marker with many benefits. They offer more marking area than most other wire labels, especially if a continuous format is considered.

These sleeves are very sturdy and easy to handle while inserting the wire. The sleeves can shrink to three times their original size, meaning fewer part numbers for a wider range of wire gauges. Phoenix Contact shrink sleeves are halogen-free and meet Mil-Spec MIL-STD-202G, SAE AMSDTL-23053, and SAE AS-81531. This makes them ideal for oil and gas, railroad, cable harness applications, and more.

Wire wraps

Self-laminated wire wraps are a type of wire label where the printing is on a white area at the top of the label. As the label is wrapped around the wire, the clear tail comes around and adheres over the white printed area, protecting it from the environment. The wire wraps are fairly inexpensive, making them ideal for smaller panel and cable shops.