STR-USBC-4PORT-200W-EVK Source Evaluation Platform

By ON Semiconductor 182

STR-USBC-4PORT-200W-EVK Source Evaluation Platform

Utilizing ON Semiconductor’s comprehensive portfolio of USB-PD power solutions, this Strata-enabled platform enables designers to evaluate a 4-port USB-PD source platform. ON Semiconductor technologies featured in this design include the FUSB307 PD port controller, the FUSB252 HV protection switch, and the NCP81231 buck controller.

The platform's universal 200 W AC/DC supply combines the NCP1399 LLC controller, the NCP1615 PFC controller, and NCP4305 secondary SR controller to provide a highly efficient front-end solution. All ports are 100 W capable with a total max system power limited to 200 W using ON Semiconductor's first come first served power management algorithm. The Strata software environment provides complete control over the system and allows designers to experiment with various power profile configuration, test fault, and foldback features, and monitor telemetry while charging load devices. A complete design collateral package is available within the Strata interface including schematics, PCB layout files, test reports, and more.