SP341 Smart Thermometer

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SP341 Smart Thermometer

The SP341 smart thermometer comes with TPI’s Smart Probe App available for iOS and Android smartphones. Measure T1, T2 and calculate T1-T2 temperature differentials using one or two SP341 thermometers at the same time. The SP341 uses industry-standard K-type sub-mini connectors, which make it compatible with a wide variety of temperature probes.

  • Less than 10 seconds in ice water to achieve ±1°F system (tester and probe) accuracy between +30°F to +120°F temperature range
  • Standard K-type sub-mini connector connects any K-type temperature probe with standard K-type male plug
  • Calculate differential temperature T1-T2 between temperature measurement locations
  • Use a smartphone and iOS or Android app to read temperatures and store data with the Smart Probe App
  • Record minimum, maximum, and average temperatures over time to identify temperature changes
  • User selects units of measure (°F or °C)
  • Wide temperature range -58°F to +2,462°F (-50°C to +1,350°C) makes the thermometer versatile (temperature range is determined by the temperature probe rating)
    • Ambient air
    • Thermostat calibrations
    • Compressor heads
    • Registers and vents
    • Temperature differentials
  • Electrical
    • Cables and connectors
    • Circuit breakers
    • Machinery
    • Motors and transformers
  • Food services
    • Grills and surfaces
    • Holding tables
    • Buffet lines
    • Food temperatures
  • Laboratories
    • Liquid temperatures
    • Semi-solid temperatures
    • Surface temperatures

Smart Probe App

The Smart Probe smartphone app allows users to perform differential temperature tests and provide easy documentation that users can share with their customers, reducing paperwork and saving time.

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