S5D3 Microcontroller from the High Integration Ser

By Renesas Electronics America 167

S5D3 Microcontroller from the High Integration Ser

Renesas’ S5D3 is designed with a Cortex®-M4F for high-performance applications. This microcontroller unit does not require Ethernet connectivity or on-chip graphics acceleration. Built on the highly efficient 40 nm process, the Renesas S5D3 provides full support of the Synergy™ Software Package (SSP), offering a seamless transition between Synergy MCU product.

This Renesas MCU allows for advanced security on endpoint devices, making it a good match for IoT applications with general purpose MCU features. The 40 nm process allows CPU operation with great power efficiency, while also including enough RAM for handling the customer’s communication stack needs. If there is a need to integrate with older S5 product, the S5D3 is compatible with existing Synergy product such as the S5D5 and the S5D9.


  • Secure cryptographic engine (SCE7) provides a security integration which is far above other competitive solutions in the market for this class of microcontroller
  • Flash versus SRAM ratio of 2:1 is above market
  • Synergy software package solution offers the market's easiest approach to start with MCU design without any middleware investment
  • Compatible with previous S5 products
  • Industrial automation
  • Building automation
  • System control
  • Mechanical control
  • General purpose