RL78/G10 and ISL28113 Household Gas Alarm

By Renesas 246

RL78/G10 and ISL28113 Household Gas Alarm

Renesas has developed the household gas alarm prototype to help protect people’s lives and property from carbon monoxide and combustible gases that are used extensively in daily life. The alarm integrates the RL78/G10 microcontroller with the ISL28113 op-amp and carbon monoxide sensor to create an alarm that can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom. The LED and buzzing alarm alerts users to any potential high amounts of carbon monoxide that could be from a gas leak.

The LED and buzzer use the low-cost RL78/G10 controls with a buzzer output controller. The ISL28113 helps to acquire carbon monoxide concentration data. The RL78/G28 also integrates a STOP mode function, making low power consumption possible as well.

Download the user's manual, source code, and circuit diagram from Renesas.


  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • STOP mode low power consumption

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