Microplastic Keyhole Rivets

By Essentra Components 175

Microplastic Keyhole Rivets

Essentra’s microplastic keyhole clip style of rivets are designed to push into place and only require access to the top side of the application. These rivets align to the hole and can be pushed into place. Push-in rivets include fir tree fasteners, barbed fasteners, folding leg rivets, and snap rivets, to name a few. They are usually installed by hand, but some styles may use a rivet tool.

  • Angled panel lock section that takes up slack in panels to provide a tight fit
  • Available for a variety of hole diameters and panel thicknesses
  • Natural nylon 6/6
  • Head diameter of 6.35 mm to 12.7 mm and a hole diameter of 3.18 mm to 6.35 mm

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