K-LD2 Radar Sensor

By RFbeam Microwave GmbH 196

K-LD2 Radar Sensor

RFbeam's K-LD2 is a fully digital and low-cost radar sensor for detecting movement and speed. The digital structure makes it very easy to use in any stand-alone or MCU based application where a movement detection or speed measurement is required. The sensor includes a 2 × 4 patch radar front-end with an asymmetrical beam and a powerful signal processing unit with two digital outputs for signal detection information. The sensitivity and the hold time are adjustable using analog inputs with potentiometers. The serial interface features a powerful command set to read-out advanced detection data or to fully customize the detection algorithm.

There is no need to write signal processing algorithms or handle small and noisy signals. This module contains everything that is necessary to build a simple yet reliable movement detector. A very small footprint of 25 mm × 25 mm × 6.5 mm gives maximum flexibility in the product development process. A powerful evaluation kit with signal visualization on a PC is available.

  • Small and low cost digital 24 GHz radar motion detector
  • Detection distance up to 15 m (human) 30 m (cars)
  • High immunity against interferences
  • Integrated FFT signal processing with digital outputs
  • Sensitivity and hold time can be set using analog inputs
  • Advanced detection data read-out over serial interface
  • Wide power supply range from 3.2 V to 5.5 V
  • 2 × 4 patch antenna with 80°/34° beam aperture
  • General movement detection applications
  • Door openers
  • Illumination of advertising boards
  • Touch-free switches
  • Security systems
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting control applications
  • Object speed measurement systems
  • Industrial sensors

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