Pico-EZmate and Pico-EZmate Slim Connectors

By Molex Inc 137

Pico-EZmate and Pico-EZmate Slim Connectors

Molex's 1.20 mm wire-to-board Pico-EZmate and Pico-EZmate Slim low-profile connectors support automated assembly processes in tight-spaced applications. Industries, in general, have been moving towards ever shrinking module sizes and this lends pressure on component makers for reduced size interconnect solutions.

The Pico-EZmate 1.20 mm connector system meets this need with mated heights of 1.55 mm and 1.65 mm.

The Pico-EZmate Slim connector system introduces an even lower mated height of 1.20 mm and provides users the needed speed in their tightly spaced pick-and-place operations, as well as higher circuit size variants that pass multiple test cycles. The top entry mating design allows for fast and easy assembly, saving significant time and cost.

Video - Pico-EZmate Slim Wire-to-Board System


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