M225 Series Industrial High-Performance Connectors

By Harwin Inc 218

M225 Series Industrial High-Performance Connectors

Harwin's M225 connector series is a 2.00 mm pitch, high-performance range ideal for the industrial market. They are designed to resist industrial levels of vibration and shock in a practical package suitable for automated assembly at high volumes.

This cable-to-board, double row design mates a through-board PCB male connector to a choice of crimp contacts, accommodating 22 AWG to 28 AWG wires on the female connector. The female crimp contacts are available in both loose (for prototyping) and reeled (for high-volume automation) packaging, and a hand crimp tool can be ordered for low-volume work.

To meet the higher requirements of vibration, shock, and acceleration for industrial products, the contact style utilizes three contact surfaces touching the male mating contact. This innovative contact design is capable of 3 A per contact when electrically loaded. Added security is optionally provided with a unique and simple connector locking mechanism fitted to the female housing. The expanded rubber locking hardware is engaged by pressing home a pin on either end of the connector.

  • Innovative 3-finger contact increases performance
  • Resists 10 G vibration for 6 hours
  • 3.3 A per contact in isolation and 3.0 A all contacts simultaneously
  • Suitable for automated crimping at high volumes
  • Expanding rubber locking fixing for a fast and secure connection
  • Polarized housing with shrouded contacts
  • Factory and mobile machinery
  • Control panels and subsystems
  • Drives
  • Robotics and automation
  • Portable and hand-held devices
  • Ground and machinery monitoring


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