GMA300 Series 300 W Medical AC/DC Power Supply

By Cosel Co Ltd 285

GMA300 Series 300 W Medical AC/DC Power Supply

Cosel's GMA300 AC/DC medical power supply is fully compliant with IEC60601-1 3rd and 4th editions. The GMA300 has a BF rating with only 0.15 mA leakage at 115 VAC and 0.28 mA at 220 VAC.

This digitally assisted power supply has a micro process that controls voltage dips by monitoring the input voltage and output current making it ideal for applications sensitive to AC line voltage dips. With up to 93% efficiency the GMA300 is ideal for medical, ITE, and industrial equipment that requires a small size high power density AC/DC supply. Mobile medical equipment, automation control systems, test equipment, and other applications can benefit from the GMA300's small size and high wattage output. The GMA300 provides up to 28.63 W per cubic inch.

The GMA300 requires only 15 CFM of airflow for full output up to 50°C and only 1 CFM for 50% output up to 50°C. Operation with de-rating from -20°C to +70°C is possible.

Standard features include universal input 85 VAC to 264 VAC (47 Hz to 63 Hz), PFC (up to 0.95), EN61000-3-2 Class A harmonic attenuation, OVP, OCP, Class B conducted noise, RoHS compliant, and adjustable DC output. The GMA300 has UL, C-UL, and CE safety approvals.

In addition, the GMA has optional 5 V and 12 V AUX (both 1 A), remote on/off, and conformal coating. The GMA300 comes with a 5-year warranty.