Coeur CST High-Current Interconnect System

By Molex Inc 624

Coeur CST High-Current Interconnect System

Molex's Coeur CST high-current interconnect system delivers between 30.0 A and 200.0 A of current and offers a wide range of configurations, connecting PCBs, bus bars, and cables. It is difficult to have perfect pin-to-socket alignment when mating two rigid PCBs or bus bars. A degree of float is needed in these situations to accommodate any misalignment there may be. Coeur CST high-current interconnect system provides up to 1.0 mm of float due to its unique design. This will serve to assure ease of mating and prevent potential damage to the socket contacts.

Dense electronic packaging demands low profiles, minimal protrusions above mated PCBs or bus bars, or both. Coeur CST high-current interconnect system offers a mated profile as low as approximately 5.00 mm. It can do so without the compromise of having to have large protrusion above or below the mated boards.

Power efficiency is critical to cost management in large power-consuming operations such as data centers. Coeur CST high-current interconnect system is designed with multiple contact beams per socket. This serves to assure a solid electrical performance (low voltage drop).

Features and Benefits
  • Capable of 30.0 A to above 200.0 A current rating
    • Offers a scalable design to meet a wide range of high-current applications
  • Multiple contact beams
    • Provide optimized electrical performance
  • Wave springs provide float mechanism so entire core socket assembly moves within housing
    • No added stress on contacts
    • Low mating forces
    • No risk of resistance increase due to high contact beam deflection
  • Terminal retention housings
    • Locks in contacts
  • Termination methods include busbars, PCBs, and wire
    • Provides design flexibility for a range of high-current applications
  • One common contact design in all CST sockets regardless of form factor sizes
    • Provides the same profile height even when the number of contacts varies
  • Premium housing features available
    • Touch-safe feature
    • Mate-first-last-break option
    • Positive latching
    • Panel-mount options available
    • Vertical, right-angle, PCB, and bus bar mounting header options
  • Fully shrouded female and male contacts
    • Touch-safe
    • 600 V rating in configuration
  • Data center solutions
    • Circuit breakers
    • Data storage
    • Instrumentation
    • PDUs
    • Servers
    • UPS/battery storage
  • Industrial
    • Power supplies
  • Telecommunications/networking
    • Servers
    • Storage
    • Switches


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