Board-In Connectors

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Board-In Connectors

Ideal for simple and permanent connections, Molex's board-in connectors provide a wide range of pitch options, mating configurations, and circuit sizes that offer reliability versus hand-soldering.

When choosing a connection type, designers often need to consider trade-offs such as cost, assembly needs, and whether the connection needs to be unmated. In cases where a simple connection will suffice, questions of reliability need to be addressed when comparing hand-soldering to other soldering methods.

Molex's board-in connectors meet the requirements of a cost-effective easy-to-assemble connection that does not need to be unmated on at least one end. Compared to competitive board-in types, Molex offers the widest range of pitch options, mating configurations, and circuit sizes.

Features and Benefits
  • One-piece direct solder-to-board assembly
    • Provides space and cost savings compared to two-piece types; easy to apply
  • Terminal and housing locking features
    • Ensures secure terminal retention force
  • Wide variety of pitch, configuration, and circuit sizes
    • Design flexibility
  • Right angle and vertical housing options
    • Protects terminal and functions as wire alignment and retention device prior to and during soldering process, and strain relief after soldering
  • Accepts standard through-hole soldering methods
    • More reliable solder fillet compared to uneven and labor-intensive hand soldering


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