TFSQ0402 Series

By TDK Corporation 88

TFSQ0402 Series

TDK Corporation presents the TFSQ0402 series of thin-film capacitors in a 0402 (EIA 01005) package. Under the product name Z-match, the new capacitors are designed for power amplifier circuits and RF matching circuits.

The new capacitor was developed by using a thin film technology that TDK developed for the production of the magnetic heads of HDDs. The result is a new line of compact, low-profile components with outstanding performance. Thanks to the thin-film process, Z-match capacitors achieve an extremely tight tolerance of ±0.05 pF and a Q factor that is 150 percent higher than that of existing products (2.2 pF at 2 GHz). With these features, the new series exhibits superior high-frequency characteristics in impedance matching circuits.

Features and Benefits
  • Self-resonant frequency of 6.8 GHz
  • Operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C
  • Capacitance change 0±60 ppm/°C
  • Smartphones
  • Mobile phones
  • Devices using wireless LAN


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