Discrete Wire-to-Board Connectors For Harsh Enviro

By AVX Corporation 112

Discrete Wire-to-Board Connectors For Harsh Enviro

AVX Corporation's 9276 series discrete wire-to-board 'poke-home' connector simplifies installation and provides a quick and reliable termination in a sleek, 2.5 mm pitch SMT package. Ideal for a broad range of industrial and commercial markets, these connectors are dubbed poke-home because all the user has to do is strip the wires and insert them into the holes of the connector. Developed for harsh industrial and solid state lighting (SSL) applications, these connectors have been designed using a high spring force beryllium copper upper spring contact that accepts a wide range (18-24 AWG solid or stranded) of wire sizes to meet multiple applications within a single connector. By utilizing a dual contact design, the 9276 series connectors offer a higher current rating (up to 6 A) compared to competing products while minimizing PCB space.

The 917X series of surface mount insulation displacement connectors (IDC) was developed to meet the harsh automotive and industrial market applications for connecting individual wires directly to a PCB ranging from 14 AWG to 28 AWG. This industry proven contact system has been tested to automotive levels of shock, vibration, and temperature cycling to prove its reliability and robustness. This single contact was developed as a standalone component to enhance the application uses with the IDC technology. The simplicity of inserting a wire into an SMT contact with a small tool or optional retention/termination cap allows a wide range of devices to be connected to the PCB without soldering. In SSL applications specifically, these contacts are used to bring power and signal onto the PCB or are used to daisy chain multiple boards together in a long string. While the IDC contact provides a gas-tight connection to the conductor of the wire, the optional cap provides a positive strain relief even in the harshest conditions. In case of repair, the wires can be removed and replaced up to three times.