IX4426-IX4427-IX4428 Ultra-Fast MOSFET Drivers

By IXYS Integrated Circuits Division 74

IX4426-IX4427-IX4428 Ultra-Fast MOSFET Drivers

IXYS' features their IX4426, IX4427, and IX4428 dual high-speed, low-side gate drivers. Each of the two outputs can source and sink 1.5 A of peak current with rise and fall times of less than 10 ns. The inputs of each driver are TTL and CMOS compatible, and are virtually immune to latch-up. Low propagation delay times and fast, matched rise and fall times make the IX4426, IX4427, and IX4428 ideal for high-frequency and high-power applications.

The IX4426 is configured as a dual inverting driver; the IX4427 is configured as a dual non-inverting driver; and the IX4428 is configured with one inverting driver and one non-inverting driver. All three devices are available in a standard 8-pin SOIC package.

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