CS53L30 A/D Converters

By Cirrus Logic Inc 135

CS53L30 A/D Converters

Cirrus Logic's CS53L30 is a highly integrated ADC designed to enhance voice processing features such as noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation, and multi-channel beam forming, and offer improved performance in voice capture processing for voice control and recognition. A flexible-input front end supports up to four line/analog mic or four digital mic (DMIC) channels, with two digital mic serial clock outputs. Up to four CS53L30 ICs can be configured to output up to 16 channels of data over a single TDM line for seamless system integration.

With less than 2.5 mW of power consumption per channel, the CS53L30 is a targeted fit for smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics applications. Analog features include 91 dB dynamic range (A-weighted) at zero dB gain, 84 dB THD+N at zero dB gain, and flexible analog inputs (four mic/line inputs). Digital features include volume control, mute, programmable high pass filter, noise gate, two digital mic (DMIC) interfaces, and two DMIC SCLK generators.

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