µEnergy® Bluetooth Smart and CSRmesh Pla

By Qualcomm 575

µEnergy® Bluetooth Smart and CSRmesh Pla

Qualcomm's Bluetooth Smart (often known as Bluetooth Low Energy) enables devices and sensors to connect to smartphones, tablets and each other. Bluetooth Smart was introduced with the Bluetooth 4.0 specification which enabled a new low power radio.

Bluetooth Smart enables ultra-low power connectivity and basic data transfer for applications previously limited by the power consumption, size constraints and complexity of other wireless standards. Qualcomm’s easy-to-integrate, cost-effective Bluetooth Low Energy platform is enabling new applications for remote controls, watches, sports equipment, health sensors and home automation.

Bluetooth Smart is also enabling a new range of innovative 'appcessories'. Bluetooth Smart ready devices such as the latest Apple iOS devices have an API (CoreBluetooth) that enables developers to create applications to communicate with Bluetooth Smart accessories. With Bluetooth Smart it is possible to develop an application and an accessory without the need for a specific profile. Innovators can build new products that work seamlessly with the smartphone and benefit from the rich user interface and connectivity it provides, while supporting compact hardware accessories with incredible battery life.

Bluetooth Smart has been adopted in Windows 8 as the standard for low power HID (human interface device) accessories. With Windows 8 devices consumers can benefit from long battery life, and no need to install drivers or clog their USB ports with dongles. With the emergence of the Tablet and Ultrabook form factor Bluetooth Smart is set to become the standard for wireless keyboards, mice and touch pads.

CSRmesh enables Bluetooth® low energy devices not only to receive and act upon messages, but also to repeat those messages to surrounding devices thus extending the range of Bluetooth Smart and turning it into a mesh network for the Internet of Things.

µEnergy Key Features  
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy radio with direct single-ended 50 Ω antenna connection
  • 16-bit microprocessor with 64 Kbytes RAM and 64 Kbytes ROM
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Up to 32 re-assignable programmable digital IOs
  • Analogue IOs
  • PWMs and quadrature decoders
  • 1 µA Integrated key scanning hardware
  • I2C and SPI peripheral interfaces
  • UART interface
  • SDK with compiler and application examples
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 qualified stack
  • Master and slave operation
  • Debug interface

CSRmesh Key Features

  • Freedom of Control - CSRmesh works directly with your existing devices. You can collect data and control devices with existing tablets and smartphones. There is no need for a special hub to connect your devices. You can configure and control devices with existing tablets and smartphones.
  • Simple Setup - CSRmesh is simple and easy to setup. Just switch on the device. Discovery and control is then handled by the app on your smart device.
  • Safe and Secure - CSRmesh uses high-level banking-like encryption to ensure safe and secure transmission of messages throughout your network. There is an additional authentication mode for enhanced security. Simplicity is maintained with a network passcode that is provided to authorised users and devices to enable them to participate in the mesh.
  • Applications - CSRmesh has been initially developed to support wireless lighting control, but the protocol supports models for additional applications. Full home automation models enabling heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as security and sensing will be rolled out in the future.
  • Technology - CSRmesh is a protocol layer that runs on top of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. It is supported on single mode Bluetooth Smart devices as well as dual-mode Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. By using the existing Bluetooth standard it enables consumer products such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and set-top boxes to interact directly with devices within the CSRmesh network. CSR is actively working to standardise the technology and enable wide participation from many manufacturers.
  • Resources - The CSRmesh development kit provides three development boards, a programmer and access to a full SDK to enable you to develop wireless switches and lights and evaluate the CSRmesh technology. Additional CSRmesh development boards can be purchased to expand your network.