ScotchCode™ Wire Marker Tape

By 3M 124

ScotchCode™ Wire Marker Tape

3M's ScotchCode SDR is a polyester film tape with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive; the tape is used in the 3M STD ScotchCode tape dispenser. From the dispenser, the user can pull out and tear off the amount of tape needed for their particular application, such as marking wires, terminal blocks, panels, and more. The smooth surface of this tape allows dirt and grime to be easily wiped off, providing text legibility even after extended exposure to a build-up of contamination. 3M ScotchCode wire marking tape SDR is available in ten NEMA colors, individual numbers, and consecutive numbers. The SDR tape can be used for many applications involving operating temperatures ranging from -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C).

  • An end loop hooks the dispenser easily to a tool pouch or belt
  • Phase identification on large or small gauge wire or cable
  • Identification of terminal blocks, terminal strips, and wire in panel boards or a piece of switchgear
  • Automotive applications on tubing, hoses, and replacement parts
  • High tack, acrylic adhesive resists solvents, oil, water, and adheres firmly to insulation surfaces
  • Marking all types of wire, cable, and barriers, including power, control, fiber optic, electronic, telecommunications, and instrumentation

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